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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good return policy?

A return policy is good business for brick-and-mortar stores, and it's essential to doing business online. Unlike visitors to brick-and-mortar stores, online consumers don't get to see and hold the physical product before they buy it. So e-commerce sites must ensure that their return policies are fair and appealing to their customers.

What is the purpose of a return policy?

Remember the purpose of the return policy is to increase sales, not make a dissatisfied customer happy . A real customer doesn't come to you initially to get a return; they come to you because you have a product or service they believe will solve a problem they have.

Do I need to offer a return policy?

For this reason it is often said that 'the best notice is no notice' and you should not need to state a returns policy at all unless your policy offers the consumer more than their minimum entitlement in law. Where you do offer the consumer more than the law requires you can impose conditions - for example:

How important are return policies to your customers?

A concise and clear return policy gives consumers a feeling of security; that what they are buying is guaranteed to be what it is represented to be. If a retailer doesn't give this guarantee, then consumers become suspicious and avoid buying the product.

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