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Frequently Asked Questions

What is revenue recovery?

The County of Sacramento Department of Finance, Revenue Recovery (DRR), collects revenue for the County and other government entities, certain Court ordered fines and fees, restitution payments owed to victims of crime, aid over payments, and any other obligation referred to Revenue Recovery.

How do I set up revenue recovery?

Revenue Recovery is now Online & Paperless! You will need your account number, SSN and Date of Birth to establish a profile. Set up Payment Reminders​ - so you never forget to make a payment

Does revenue recovery collect child support or property tax payments?

Note: Revenue Recovery does not collect Child Support or ​ Property Tax payments. If your case is currently in collections and your ability to pay has changed since your last hearing or sentencing, you may be eligible to request a modification of sentence of your traffic fines and fees.

How do I contact the city of Sacramento Business Tax Department?

Parking Citations: (916) 808-8500 or [email protected] Business Operation Tax: (916) 808-8500 or [email protected] Business Permits: (916) 808-8500 or [email protected]

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