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Frequently Asked Questions

Is revitalign a good brand of shoes?

more... Although biomechanical shoes are now available in several brands and models, Revitalign has been the leading brand in the field of biomechanically-designed footwear for some time now for several reasons. First off, a few things should be said about the origin of the brand.

What is revitalign's philosophy?

Based on their motto "From soul to sole", folks at Revitalign reflect the company's philosophy by providing footwear that aligns with customers' lifestyles and not the other way round. In fact, the company makes a statement when they insist that health and wellness make people their better selves.

Why wear revitalign all the time?

This unique feature provides complete support of the foot from the medial to the lateral side. People with high arches or a tendency to over pronate will find in this feature the number one reason why they want to wear their Revitalign all the time. Revitalign Oceanside - Women's Comfort Sli...

Who are revrevitalign ambassadors?

Revitalign ambassadors come from a variety of backgrounds to share their active life styles, knowledge, opinions and products that they whole-heartedly believe in and want to let others know about. Do you live an active lifestyle, appreciate quality footwear and love social media?

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