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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use RFID to track inventory?

Additional benefits of RFID tags in inventory management include the following: Reduced Labor Costs. Since the tags automatically generate and report information when scanned by an AIDC system, it eliminates the labor costs. No Line-of-Sight Requirements. ... Improves Visibility. ... Contains More Information. ... Scans More Items, Faster. ... Less Susceptible to Damage. ... Prevents Overstocking and Understocking. ...

How much does a RFID tag cost?

RFID tags can cost as little as 10 cents or as much as $50 depending on the type of tag, the application and the volume of the order. Generally speaking, finished smart labels that can be applied to cases and pallets typically cost 15 cents or more, depending on volume.

What are RFID tags?

RFID Tag. RFID tags are the centerpiece of any RFID system. RFID tags can be offered in different sizes, frequencies and can be affixed to a variety of surfaces, including metal. They store the item data essential to any RFID tagging system. Barcodes, Inc. offers UHF (Ultra High Frequency), HF (High Frequency),...

What is RFID asset tracking?

RFID stands for radio-frequency identification, which is a technology that operates via radio waves. With this being said, RFID asset tracking implies that data on items are captured and transmitted to a database via radio waves for further storage.

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