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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Amazon Go work with RFID?

RFID Technology for Amazon Go. The patent filings for Amazon Go describe a system that uses technology, including RFID technology, to detect when a shopper takes an item from a shelf. Then, the system uses the data to sync it to a handheld device. The system itself logs the data as the shopper is going along.

What is the history of RFID technology at Walmart?

In 2004, Walmart announced plans to require its top 100 suppliers to add RFID tags to their pallets of merchandise and cases of goods so its accounting system could track the products as they entered and moved through the retail giant's warehouses and store locations.

What is RFID retail shopping technology?

RFID retail shopping technology consists of electronic bar codes that send a radio signal about 30 feet in every direction, broadcasting bar code-likeinformation.

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