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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RFID technology and how does it work?

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a wireless data collection technology that uses electronic tags that contain an integrated circuit chip to store data. It is a method of identifying objects and of transferring information about the objects' status via radio frequency waves to a host system.

What are the different uses for RFID technology?

These are the areas of greatest application of RFID technology Payments in means of transport: public transports and tolls. ... Asset management: Location, identification and transport trace. ... Logistics. ... Inventories and warehouses. ... Identification of animals. ... Surgeries. ... Access control: sports facilities, buildings, tourism. ... Passports. ... The supermarket of the future. ... Libraries and Museums. ... More items...

Why use RFID technology?

RFID technology can aid and assist in multiple areas to reduce costs and increase operating revenue through improved asset visibility, consumable inventory management, food and beverage delivery management, retail item inventory, sales management, and baggage handling efficiency.

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