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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different uses for RFID technology?

These are the areas of greatest application of RFID technology Payments in means of transport: public transports and tolls. ... Asset management: Location, identification and transport trace. ... Logistics. ... Inventories and warehouses. ... Identification of animals. ... Surgeries. ... Access control: sports facilities, buildings, tourism. ... Passports. ... The supermarket of the future. ... Libraries and Museums. ... More items...

What is RFID and how it works?

How RFID Works. When an RFID tag passes through the field of the scanning antenna, it detects the activation signal from the antenna. That "wakes up" the RFID chip, and it transmits the information on its microchip to be picked up by the scanning antenna. In addition, the RFID tag may be of one of two types.

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