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Frequently Asked Questions

What movie has Ridley Scott given updates to?

IGN. Archived from the original on July 1, 2019. Retrieved February 6, 2012. ^ a b Sullivan, Kevin P. (October 12, 2012). "Ridley Scott Gives 'Prometheus 2' And 'Blade Runner 2' Updates".

Is Ridley Scott directing a new'Blade Runner'Movie?

"Ridley Scott To Direct New 'Blade Runner' Installment For Alcon Entertainment". Deadline Hollywood. Archived from the original on April 18, 2014. Retrieved August 19, 2011. ^ a b c d e f Egner, Jeremy (September 8, 2017).

What is the ISBN number for the Ridley Scott Encyclopedia?

The Ridley Scott Encyclopedia. Scarecrow Press. p. 225. ISBN 9780810869523. ^ a b Stone, Brad (February 23, 2014). "Web Series Tied to 'Blade Runner' Is In the Works -". Archived from the original on February 23, 2014. Retrieved November 9, 2021. ^ Anders, Charlie Jane (March 4, 2011).

Did Ridley Scott date Joanna Cassidy?

“Well, honestly, Ridley [Scott] wanted me to date him. He tried very hard in the beginning of the show to date him, and I never would,” Young said. “I was like, nah. And then he started dating the actress who played Zhora, Joanna Cassidy, and I felt relieved.

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