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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the founders of Ridley Scott Free Productions?

Scott Free Productions is a British-American independent film and television production company founded in 1970 by filmmakers and brothers Ridley Scott and Tony Scott. They formed the feature film development company Percy Main Productions in 1980, naming the company after the English village Percy Main, where their father grew up.

Who is the founder of Ridley Scott Associates?

In 1968, Ridley and Tony Scott founded Ridley Scott Associates (RSA), a film and commercial production company.

Does Ridley Scott own Shepperton Studios?

In 1995, Ridley and his brother Tony formed a production company, Scott Free Productions, in Los Angeles. All Ridley's subsequent feature films, starting with White Squall and G.I. Jane, have been produced under the Scott Free banner. In 1995 the two brothers purchased a controlling interest in the British film studio Shepperton Studios.

What was Ridley Scott's first film as a director?

The Duellists (1977) marked Ridley Scott's first feature film as director. Shot in Europe, it was nominated for the main prize at the Cannes Film Festival, and won an award for Best Debut Film.

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