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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get chemfuel in Rimworld?

There are 4 ways that you can get Chemfuel in Rimworld: By milking adult Boomalopes once they have been tamed. By processing organics and wood at a Biofuel Refinery once built. Getting chemfuel from an Infinite chemreactor Trading with other colonies Obviously the easiest of these options is to just trade for chemfuel.

Is chemfuel a renewable resource?

You can consider chemfuel to be a renewable resource, since the colony has the means to produce it (unlike eg, neutroamine or luciferium, without mods). Once I can research biofuel stuff, then at least 2-4 chemfuel generators can go up. As I build up the supply of chemfuel, then I can add more generators.

Is it worth refining chemfuel?

Chemfuel is double the price and half the yield of your feedstock making it a zero sum game. The only thing you gain is a product that doesn't rot at the expense of being highly flammable; refining is only worth it if you need the chemfuel for another purpose like explosives.

What is chemfuel used for?

Chemfuel is a resource used to craft explosive weapons and ammunition as well as fuel the chemfuel powered generators and pod launchers. In spite of the description, it is in no way necessary for neither the construction nor fueling of your ship . If chemfuel catches fire, it will spark briefly before exploding into flames.

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