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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a minigun in Rimworld?

The minigun is a very heavy, multi-shot firearm in RimWorld which fires 25-shot bursts of rounds which deal a moderate amount of damage each; a short delay between each shot; a slightly longer time between bursts; slightly longer range and very low overall accuracy.

How good is the Minigun?

The minigun takes what the LMG has and cranks it up to eleven. Raw damage output is by far the highest out of all traditional ranged weapons in the game; almost double that of the chain shotgun 's and 2.5x that of the LMG's.

What's new in Rimworld 1 3?

Multiplayer has been updated to RimWorld 1.3. I animated the main menu to celebrate. It's almost always freezing on my map, and i tamed some boars. found a way to convert raiders to food without any mood debuffs. Each of those orange dots is a drop pod.

What's the difference between LMG and minigun?

Lmg and not minigun because lmg has 1.0 stopping power while minigun has 0.5. Minigun also slows down the pawn. Does weapon HP affect anything? It seems that <50% and 100% weapons have no difference. Not anymore. It used to, but they removed that feature. Assault Rifle is the best one target gun in most cases.

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