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Frequently Asked Questions

Is neutroamine craftable in Rimworld?

Neutroamine is not meant to be craftable in vanilla RimWorld as a way to balance the game. The idea is that you don’t get an “unlimited” supply of drugs, as that could make the game too easy. But you may find that waiting for traders to have neutroamine to sell is a never ending torture.

What is neneutroamine and how do I get It?

Neutroamine is an item that cannot be crafted and must be sourced externally. It can be combined with herbal medicine and cloth to create standard medicine, or synthesize various drugs with it at a drug lab, such as Penoxycyline and wake-up .

Where can I buy neutroamine?

Bulk traders will be the best to by neutroamine from, as they'll sell in large amounts at the cheapest price possible. However, there is a way around this and craft neutroamine if you want to mod your RimWorld game . There is a Steam mod that allows you to craft neutroamine using Boomalopes and Boom rates.

Is the chemicals&neutroamine mod worth it?

The Chemicals & Neutroamine mod is not designed for large scale drug operations to prevent making the trade of neutroamine entirely redundant. It’s not impossible to make profits on drugs this way though, but may require large herds to get good stocks out of it.

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