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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the AI persona core?

The AI persona core is acquired after a rare event where a ship crashes in your world, you then have to destroy the shipwreck (by attacking it), but beware of its defenses. You then research "Ship computer core" and you're there.

What is the persona core used for?

Click here to jump to that post. It used to be called "AI Persona Core" but a recent update seems to have renamed it to just "Persona Core." AFAIK the only base game use for it is building the ship computer core, as part of the escape the planet victory.

What exactly does the AI personal core do?

According to an EPOE guide I found online, the AI personal core gives the following effects: Buffs: Consciousness +50% Blood Filtration +20% Blood Pumping +20% Tiredness ×50% Debuffs: Pain ×150% Hunger Rate ×150% Frequent & unavoidable mental breaks.

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