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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the Rimworld?

What arrives at the rimworld is a fragment of a destroyed Empire which was mostly annihilated by some unknown enemy. It's a small refugee fleet with tiny numbers of people but very strong technology and an honor-and-tradition based culture. They're led by a stellarch, the highest-ranking person in their faction.

Why would you want to improve Rimworld wiki?

Reason: Need updated and verification, as well as integration of tags to list stock using Template: Tag List. You can help RimWorld Wiki by improving it. Colonies can trade with other factions by using caravans and orbital trade ships via a comms console.

How do I interact with other factions in Rim War?

Faction interaction in Rim War occurs as a result of actions performed by objects on the map (eg an AI faction capturing the settlement of another AI faction would only occur after a Warband or Scout party was dispatched, traveled to, and defeated the other faction's settlement). My Little Planet - compatible!

Should I play Rim War?

**Rim War is still it BETA and it's likely to encounter bugs or incompatibilities; if you're looking for a well balance and polished playthrough then it's recommended to wait for the 1.0 release. However, if you're interested in the concept and want to contribute to it's development then read on.**

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