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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Rio Tinto's Aluminium?

After the 2007 purchase of Alcan, Rio Tinto (Alcan) immediately cut its aluminium production by 6 percent and shut the Beauharnois smelter in Quebec in 2009, eliminating 220 jobs.

Is Rio Tinto Alcan betraying workers at Kitimat?

The no-concessions strike by 900 workers at Rio Tinto Alcan’s Kitimat aluminum smelter and powerhouse in northwestern British Columbia is in grave danger of being betrayed.

What is the Rio Tinto international pension fund's Annual Governance Statement?

The Rio Tinto International Pension Fund’s Annual Governance Statement tells you about the governance the Trustee has in place to run the International Fund effectively and includes the Statement of Investment Principles . The Rio Tinto 2009 Pension Fund also has a Statement of Investment Principles .

How do I get a person id (payroll number) from Rio Tinto?

For any questions regarding this authentication process, please contact WTW at 800-778-4313. Rio Tinto has carefully designed its benefit programs with your needs in mind. Your Person ID (Payroll Number) may be available on your Rio Tinto paycheck or you can find it on Prospect. Your Payroll Number must be eight digits long.

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