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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rio Tinto Alcan doing in Edmonton?

For the last forty years, a small plant in southeast Edmonton has been playing a big role in the global aluminum industry. The Rio Tinto Alcan facility is responsible for turning a waste byproduct from oil refineries into a key ingredient for the production of one of the most widely used, lightest, non-corrosive and infinitely recyclable metals.

What did Rio Tinto and Unifor Local 2301 do in Vancouver?

Get up to date shareholder information and access to a range of tools for investors. Rio Tinto and Unifor Local 2301 met in Vancouver on 23 August. Both parties had an open and frank discussion about the long-term changes needed for our smelter to be a sustainable and respectful workplace for all.

Will Rio Tinto build a hydrogen pilot plant at Yarwun Alumina refinery?

MELBOURNE, Australia-- (BUSINESS WIRE)-- Rio Tinto and Sumitomo Corporation today announced a partnership to study the construction of a hydrogen pilot plant at Rio Tinto’s Yarwun alumina refinery in Gladstone and explore the potential use of hydrogen at the refinery.

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