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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use Rockler clamp it clips?

Pieces tend to shift around, and your fingers are often too close to the business end of the nailer for comfort. That's where the Rockler Clamp-It Clips provide a welcome helping hand. They slip over the top corner of any two panels, holding them in perfect alignment while you drive the nails, screws or apply clamping pressure.

What are low-profile hold-down toggle clamps?

Low-Profile Hold-Down Toggle Clamps The handle locks in a horizontal position for more clearance above the clamp than standard hold-down toggle clamps.

What type of clamps should I use for edge-gluing?

Please try again later. Pipe Clamps - Designed to fit a specific diameter (most commonly 3/4") of standard threaded pipe, these clamps are infinitely adjustable and great for edge-gluing boards. Parallel-Jaw Bar Clamps - Have jaws that are designed to remain parallel when the clamps are tightened.

What kind of clamps does destaco offer?

Destaco offers a wide selection of manual toggle clamps from heavy duty, hold down clamps ( vertical or horizontal handle) to latch clamps and straight action or squeeze-action clamps. Whatever your manual clamping needs, Destaco has a solution - even variable stroke straight-line units and accessories.

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