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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Rockford Fosgate?

The founder, Jim Fosgate, is often referred to as the inventor of the car audio amplifier, marketing the first car stereo systems, and spearheading the car audio revolution. Nothing’s changed. Rockford Fosgate is still the global leader in audio innovation, as your passion is our purpose.

How good is the Rockford punch P300 8p?

Excellent 8" Sub in the smallest package that will still sound good. Reviewing the Rockford Punch P300 8P, ported enclosure. This is absolutely a great little sub for its size. It is not a Focal 13" or a JL 15" with 1000W amp and giant box that will produce a back massaging clean and pristine ultra low bass.

Why choose Rockford Fosgate for your car stereo?

Rockford Fosgate is here to help you dedicated DIY-ers with videos and customer service to guide you to ensure your new stereo looks great and sounds fantastic in your car. Galvin Manufacturing introduced the first car radio called the Motorola.

What is a Rockford subwoofer enclosure?

Rockford enclosures take the guess work out of the right fit for your subwoofers. Everything you need to hook it up right. Everything you need to hook it up right. From amplifier wiring kits to subwoofer grilles and sound damping material, we have the products you need to get the most of of your audio gear.

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