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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use Rockler clamp it clips?

Pieces tend to shift around, and your fingers are often too close to the business end of the nailer for comfort. That's where the Rockler Clamp-It Clips provide a welcome helping hand. They slip over the top corner of any two panels, holding them in perfect alignment while you drive the nails, screws or apply clamping pressure.

What is a corner clamp jig used for?

The Rockler Clamp-It® Corner Clamping Jig eliminates that frustration by providing another set of ''hands'' to hold your parts together. It's used with the enormously popular Clamp-It® Assembly Square (#29190, sold separately) to hold panels at a precise right angle for fastening.

What type of clamps should I use?

They are a popular choice when maintaining right angles is important. F-Style Clamps - Similar to C-clamps, but has a wider capacity allowing for them to be used on larger scale objects without the need for a large screw. Spring Clamps – Also known as a hand clamp, are best for quick fastening and gluing jobs requiring only light clamping pressure.

What is a clamp up square used for?

This clamp up square is useful for assembly and gluing. It's plastic and has some flex, it's not good for forcing something into place. It has several clamping possibilities which are nice to have, particularly using the special Rockler clamps.

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