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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a clamp up square used for?

This clamp up square is useful for assembly and gluing. It's plastic and has some flex, it's not good for forcing something into place. It has several clamping possibilities which are nice to have, particularly using the special Rockler clamps.

How do you use Rockler clamp it clips?

Pieces tend to shift around, and your fingers are often too close to the business end of the nailer for comfort. That's where the Rockler Clamp-It Clips provide a welcome helping hand. They slip over the top corner of any two panels, holding them in perfect alignment while you drive the nails, screws or apply clamping pressure.

How to hold Rockler squares together?

With the Rockler Squares, the 1 1/2 inch depth gives more of a vertical surface to keep the joint plumb. Plus, by using two of them (with the corner nestled between) gives a firmer pressure. I used a small spring-loaded c-clamp to gently hold the Rockler's together.

What is the size of a clamp it?

Size of the Clamp-It® is 8" X 8" X 1 - 1/2". Drawer Assembly: Clamp-It® is designed for use on either the inside or outside of a corner, making it ideal for assembling drawers with lipped fronts. Deck Rails: Use Clamp-It® to hold deck balusters at a perfect 90° angle while fastening.

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