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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Rockler companies do?

Rockler Companies Inc. marks its 60th Anniversary as a family-owned business promoting the craft of woodworking. Rockler continues its Earth Day partnership with the Hardwood Forestry Fund to plant 10,000 trees in the Riverside School Forest in southwest Wisconsin and 6,600 trees in the Raystown Lake recreation area in central Pennsylvania.

Who is Rockler woodworking and hardware?

In 1996, the company was renamed Rockler Woodworking and Hardware and has since expanded nationally and internationally. Nordy was a true pioneer and innovator in his field. He was able to recognize trends in woodworking and furniture making. He loved developing and selling great products, especially finishing, woodturning and furniture hardware.

What's new at Rockler?

Rockler is awarded Pro Tools Innovation Award for three new products: Pro Lift Router Lift, Convertible Benchtop Router Table, and Lock-Align Drawer Organizers. Rockler opens second Atlanta retail store in Kennesaw, Georgia.

Where are the Rockler stores in Georgia?

Rockler opens second Atlanta retail store in Kennesaw, Georgia. Rockler continues expanding its retail division in Chicago with the opening of a third area store in Orland Park, Illinois. Rockler opens second store in Houston area in Spring, Texas.

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