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Frequently Asked Questions

What are router bit storage inserts?

Our Router Bit Storage Inserts let you do just that. They are made from a durable molded polyethylene that holds the shanks snugly enough that they won't fall out when stored on the wall. Wall storage also means that dust won't collect between the bits.

Can I use the same insert for Horizontal storage?

Of course, you can use the same inserts for horizontal storage in a drawer or on a shelf—the choice is yours. Each insert is stepped to hold both 1/4'' and 1/2'' shanks, providing flexibility when you need to rearrange or add a new bit to your collection.

Why choose Rockler?

Established in 1954, Rockler has been the go-to resource for woodworkers seeking superior woodworking and hardware products. Rockler is a family-owned business that is driven to be a leader in product innovation within the woodworking field.

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