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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the dust right® router table dust bucket work?

Our Dust Right® Router Table Dust Bucket works in tandem with the included 4'' and 2-1/2'' ports to capture routing debris from both above and below the table. Enjoy maximum dust collection while routing rabbets, dados, dovetails and more.

Do I need a dust port on my router dado?

If you've ever routed dados on the router table, you know that the conventional dust port doesn't do much good. Since the dado itself encapsulates the router bit, the dust gets shot out of the dado sideways, well out of range of the fence port.

What is a dust right dust collection system?

Metal Ducting Meet The Dust Right 4" Dust Collection System The versatile Dust Right 4" Dust Collection System makes it easy to connect dust collection to every machine in your shop and makes cleanup a breeze. The 4" quick change handle is the centerpiece of the system.

What does the quick change handle on the dust right do?

The 4" quick change handle is the centerpiece of the system. One end connects to any 4" dust hose and the other end connects to 4" Dust Right couplers or tool ports. The system also features a wide range of hoses, connectors, adaptors, and tools that make it easy to keep your shop clean.

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