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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you think of the new Rockler router table top?

This new router table top is an improved design from the one that came from Rockler years ago. There is a better top surface, an extra aluminum track and the height adjustments on the A plate make it flat and secure. There was an issue with delivery but your phone staff was helpful and all is good.

What is the best cast iron router table top?

Nothing beats cast iron when it comes to a sag-free, dead flat surface, and smooth-cutting, reliable service year in and year out. The Rockler ProMax Cast Iron Router Table Top hits those points, and builds in all the best features, too.

Why choose Rockler fence?

Choose from packages with Rockler Fence, Steel Stand and Lifts. Nothing beats cast iron when it comes to a sag-free, dead flat surface and reliable performance year in and year out. A one-piece top weighing in at over 50 pounds and measuring a full 32'' wide, it provides vibration-dampening heft for the smoothest possible operation.

What are the different types of router tables?

Routing can take several forms and serve many functions in the shop. A permanent router table is a staple in most woodworking spaces, while portable tables fill needs on jobsites and in small workspaces. Trim and palm routers are compact enough to use virtually anywhere.

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