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Frequently Asked Questions

When do Rocky Mountain Power’s planned changes to the multifamily program become effective?

Updated May 5, 2021 – Rocky Mountain Power’s planned changes to the Multifamily program will become effective June 4, 2021. If you have questions or need more information, please contact us. Rocky Mountain Power has hired ICAST to provide multifamily properties with incentives to create energy savings in all types of multifamily properties.

How will Rocky Mountain Power's new “demand charge” work?

To calculate this new “demand charge," Rocky Mountain Power will look at a customer’s monthly electrical use, identify the hour in which they used the most power, and charge that hour at a rate of $9.02 per kilowatt, based on the average amount of power pulled into the home during that hour.

What is the average peak power consumption in Rocky Mountain Power?

According to Rocky Mountain Power, the average customer’s demand peak would sit at about 3.4 kW using this methodology. Customers can estimate their peak usage based on these averages provided by Rocky Mountain Power, which the utility says are based on customer data. Average Monthly Energy Usage

Who is eligible for the Rocky Mountain Power energy incentives program?

Multifamily property owners and management companies who own rental properties served by Rocky Mountain Power in Utah. Outside lighting and common areas billed under non-residential rate schedules are eligible to receive incentives from this program but may not receive additional equipment purchase or installation incentives from other programs.

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