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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Rodin stand for?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. François Auguste René Rodin (12 November 1840 – 17 November 1917), known as Auguste Rodin (/oʊˌɡjuːst ˈroʊdæn, -dæ̃/, also US: /- roʊˈdæn, -ˈdæ̃/, French: [oɡyst ʁɔdɛ̃]), was a French sculptor.

What are the characteristics of Rodin's work?

He was schooled traditionally and took a craftsman-like approach to his work. Rodin possessed a unique ability to model a complex, turbulent, and deeply pocketed surface in clay. He is known for such sculptures as The Thinker, Monument to Balzac, The Kiss, The Burghers of Calais, and The Gates of Hell .

Why choose rodin4d?

Established in 2004 by France´s largest custom-made orthopaedic group, Rodin4D specializes in the development of computer software, applications, robots and 3D scanners for the orthopaedic industry. Thanks to constant innovation, Rodin4D, offers its clients productive and easy to use solutions.

Is the Rodin number system complete?

Nei- ther is there doubt that many people have reported anomalous behavior in the coil designed by Rodin, based on his number sys- tem. This paper makes no claim to completeness, but introduces the Rodin number system and coil to interested readers. 2. Modulo Arithmetic

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