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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Rodinal compare to other high concentrate developers?

First comparison here are the three images at proper exposure. You may notice that the Rodinal sample is super noisy compared to the other two. This is normal and you’ll find similar results in other high concentrate developers like Kodak’s HC-110.

How much does rodrodinal cost to develop?

Rodinal works a little different, it’s a one shot, but 500ml is $24.87 Now, let’s crunch some numbers and figure out a cost per roll to develop. Each of them have different ratios of stock to working solution, and we’ll take a look at the most common dilutions.

What is the difference between HC-110 and D-76?

Apparently, HC-110 has somewhat more solvent action than D-76, but less than Xtol. Opinions differ about the effect of HC-110 on grain. Some photographers report coarser grain than with D-76; others report finer grain. This is probably a function of dilution and agitation.

Does dilution of HC-110 change the shape of the curve?

Schaefer's measurements indicate that diluting HC-110 does not change this effect appreciably; he got the same curve shape with Dilution B, 4.5 minutes, and Dilution F, 10 minutes. For an S-shaped curve he recommends Edwal TG7 developer.

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