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Frequently Asked Questions

What does rodrodinia mean?

Rodinia (from the Russian родина, rodina, meaning "motherland, birthplace") was a Neoproterozoic supercontinent that assembled 1.1–0.9 billion years ago and broke up 750–633 million years ago. Valentine & Moores 1970 were probably the first to recognise a Precambrian supercontinent, which they named 'Pangaea I'.

Is Rodinia a real continent?

Rodinia. This was a supercontinent that is believed to have existed between about 1100 and 750 Ma, when all the continental blocks of the earth were joined together in one massive landmass. There is little definite evidence for the existence of this supercontinent, but some evidence suggests its existence.

What is the Rodinia model?

According to J.D.A. Piper, Rodinia is one of two models for the configuration and history of the continental crust in the latter part of Precambrian times. The other is Paleopangea, Piper's own concept.

What was the paleogeography like before the formation of Rodinia?

Little is known about the paleogeography before the formation of Rodinia. Paleomagnetic and geologic data are only definite enough to form reconstructions from the breakup of Rodinia onwards. Rodinia is considered to have formed between 1.3 and 1.23 billion years ago and broke up again before 750 million years ago.

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