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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get back to Rodinia Marsh?

Climb the ladder to obtain two more treasure chests - with Energy Stone x2 and a Strength Elixer - and also meet Franz, who turns out to be Laxia's eccentric butler! He'll join Castaway Village and you can return to Rodinia Marsh. Back in Adol's era, the way further through Rodinia Marsh is now clear.

Where can I find bait X5 in Rodinia Marsh?

When you get to Rodinia Marsh, first follow along the left wall. Eventually the path will wrap around to a chest containing Bait x5. There are some cute axolotl-like creatures called Flogias and some not so cute giant mosquitos, the Valquitos all over this place, so watch out for them.

How do I get to Rodinia Marsh from Vista Ridge?

The rest of Vista Ridge is quite uneventful; just a quick journey down the rocky path and grassy hill into the Rodinia Marsh . When you get to Rodinia Marsh, first follow along the left wall.

Is rodrodinia a supercontinent?

Rodinia, a supercontinent formed between 1.0 and 0.85 Ga and fragmented 780-600 Ma. (Reconstruction from Li et al. (2008), courtesy of Zheng-Xiang Li. Black regions are major 1.1-1.0 Ga collisional orogens).

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