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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Rolltec® awnings?

Rolltec® is the only Canadian manufacturer to fabricate spring loaded lateral arms themselves employing specially constructed machinery. Rolltec® awnings are crafted using proven European traditions combined with advanced North American technology and the best materials such as stainless steel and aluminum.

Who makes retractable patio awnings?

We specialize in custom retractable patio and window awnings for shade applications on home decks and commercial sites. We sell and install awning products from Rolltec Rolling systems Ltd. Rolltec provides a high quality product manufactured with Canadian made components.

What is a cover-Tech awning?

The COVER-TECH Standard Awning is a traditional lateral arms awning. At its core, it is a square bar structure, with supports that hold a fabric roller and folding, spring-loaded arms. Simple and straightforward, it is the most common retractable type of awning in North America.

Why choose Rolltec® Rolling Systems Ltd?

ROLLTEC® Rolling Systems Ltd. is a leading Canadian Manufacturer of retractable awnings with top notch products, service and staff. Rolltec has received numerous awards for our innovative, custom designed awnings for residential & commercial applications.

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