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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an interactive map of the Catholic dioceses?

This map on Wikipedia was one of the best I could find, but it is simply a png image. So, I decided to create an interactive web map myself. The Catholic Dioceses follow, in general, the county lines of the United States. I used the diocese websites as sources for where their territory begins and ends when I could.

How many Eastern Catholic churches are there?

The 23 Eastern Catholic Churches retain many Orthodox traditions, even in the hierarchic terminology, such as calling dioceses Eparchies and archdioceses Archeparchies. Their respective diocesan structures overlap with and are partially parallel to each other, to the Latin Catholic church and to Orthodox churches, often 'sharing' a see.

What cities are in the Catholic Church in California?

Diocese Fresno. Diocese Monterey. Diocese Oakland. Diocese Orange. Diocese Sacramento. Diocese San Bernardino. Diocese San Diego. Diocese San Jose. Diocese Santa Rosa. Diocese Stockton

Where can I find mass times across the Archdiocese?

Watch daily Mass from the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels and find Mass times across the Archdiocese. Learn about Hearts to Serve, a hotline to support to all of those in need.

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