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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biography of John Huss?

John Huss Biography. Jon Huss, often referred as Jan Hus, was a noted academic, priest and church reformer, born in the latter half of the 14 century in the Bohemian town of Husinec. Scholars believe that his name has been derived from the name of this town; otherwise little is known about his early life.

Why did John Huss go to Rome?

Because he was promised safe conduct, and because of the importance of the council (which promised significant church reforms), Huss went. When he arrived, however, he was immediately arrested, and he remained imprisoned for months.

Was Jan Hus a Catholic or Protestant?

It is incorrect to refer to Jan Hus as a Protestant, however, as he held to many Roman Catholic beliefs despite his strong opposition to papal authority and the selling of indulgences. Jan Hus set a tremendous example of refusing to submit to any authority that violates the teaching of Scripture.

What was the conflict between HUS and the Roman Catholic Church?

These actions led to a conflict with Hus and his followers on one side and the Roman Catholic Church and Holy Roman Empire on the other. No significant consequences befell Hus, however, due to the fact that the Bohemian king supported him.

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