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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Roman Reigns react to his two wins on Raw?

Roman Reigns won two matches on WWE RAW. WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns made his way to Monday Night RAW, and he won two matches on last night's episode. He took to Twitter to react to these victories by sending a simple message to the WWE Universe.

How many times has Roman Reigns won the WWE and Universal Championships?

Before his current Universal title run, Roman Reigns held the WWE Championship thrice and the Universal Championship once. All four reigns combined were short due to different circumstances.

Who won the Roman Reigns vs Bobby Lashley match on Monday Night?

Alongside The Usos, Reigns' team emerged victorious thanks to Bobby Lashley's interference. In the main event on Monday night, The Tribal Chief took on Lashley and WWE Champion Big E in a triple threat match. He won this second bout by pinning The All Mighty with a Spear.

What happened to Roman Reigns at SummerSlam?

When he returned, it was five months later at SummerSlam 2020 after the main event. In the main event, 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt defeated Braun Strowman to capture the Universal Championship. Roman Reigns returned and assaulted both men, marking the start of a new era and his new character.

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