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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did Roman Reigns go to school for wrestling?

Roman Reigns grew up in a family of wrestlers. Hence, sport was a huge part of his life, but unlike the rest of his family, he took keen interest in football. Roman Reigns attended 'Pensacola Catholic High School ' and later went to 'Escambia High School .' He represented the school football team in both the schools.

When did Roman Reigns start wrestling?

Roman Reigns started his journey as a professional wrestler in July 2010 and signed a developmental deal with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He later became a part of its ‘Developmental Territory Florida Championship Wrestling(FCW).

Why did Roman Reigns left WWE?

Reigns is a leukemia survivor. His health conditions had forced him to leave the WWE in the past. He had made his much-awaited return in February 2019. The fans gave him an amazing reception as well.

Did Roman Reigns get injured on Raw?

On Raw, Kurt Angle stated that Roman Reigns had re-injured his ribs and suffered from internal injuries last night. Meanwhile, Angle also said that Braun Strowman tore his rotator cuff during the match with Roman Reigns.

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