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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Roman Reigns left WWE?

Reigns is a leukemia survivor. His health conditions had forced him to leave the WWE in the past. He had made his much-awaited return in February 2019. The fans gave him an amazing reception as well.

How many WWE Championship have Roman Reigns won?

In total, Reigns has won 7 championships throughout his career, with the only titles that he has failed to secure being the NXT Championship and SmackDown Tag Team Championship. Reigns' 7 titles consist of 3 WWE Titles, 1 Universal Title, 1 United States Title, 1 Intercontinental Title, and 1 WWE Tag Team Title.

Who has the most reigns in WWE?

R-Truth holds the record for most reigns at 52, as well as the longest combined reign at 425 days (415 days as recognized by WWE)

Is Roman Reigns a good wrestler?

So, quite clearly the better wrestler overall would be Seth Rollins. Make no mistake Roman Reigns is a good wrestler, just not on the level that Seth Rollins is in. Also, as others mentioned Seth’s Indy Background and long wrestling experience help him a lot.

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