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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of Ronson lighters?

The Ronson lighter company started as The Art Metal Works in 1897 and was incorporated on July 20, 1898, by Max Hecht, Louis Vincent Aronson and Leopold Herzig, in Newark, New Jersey.

What kind of Ronson lighters are wrapped in leather?

Many De-lite Ronson lighters are wrapped in leather with a large silver oval on both sides. Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Jetlite Ronson Lighter Gray Skull Butane Cigar Pipe: This butane torch lighter is generally wind-proof and easily adjustable, and it has a picture of the Harley gray skull on the front. What makes a Ronson lighter collectible?

When did the Ronson de-light come out?

Ronson received an exclusive patent, in 1926, for a new automatic style of lighter that worked with one hand, and in 1927 Ronson began marketing it as the Ronson De-Light Lighter with the slogan "A flip - and it's lit! Release - and it's out!"

How many different Ronson De-Lite lighters are there?

Ronson De-lite lighter: For more than 20 years, Ronson offered their De-lite lighters, producing over 85 versions of them. The original ones say "PATD.

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