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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rosemary Kennedy Elementary?

Welcome to Rosemary Kennedy Elementary! School is open for all students using an in-person learning model. We look forward to partnering with our students and parents this school year in helping all of our wonderful students realize their full potential.

Who was Rosemary Kennedy?

Who was Rosemary Kennedy? Rosemary Kennedy was the sister of former US president John F. Kennedy. While she was born into a high achieving and politically ambitious family, she displayed little academic and sporting potential in her childhood as she suffered from a congenial mental disability due to severe oxygen deficiency during her birth.

Who is Rose Kennedy Smith?

Her mother, Rose Kennedy, made speeches bringing attention to those with special needs. Her sister, Jean Kennedy Smith, founded Very Special Arts, an organization to provide art programming for those with disabilities.

What happened to Rosemary Kennedy at Kennedy Cottage?

Rosemary spent the remaining 56 years of her life in the cottage, now called ‘Kennedy Cottage’, built on the institute’s ground. There she was looked after by two Catholic nuns, Sister Margaret Ann and Sister Leona. There was also a woman who worked with her three nights a week on ceramics.

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