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Frequently Asked Questions

How to plan your next Royal Royal Royal?

Planning your next Royal Caribbean cruise is going to look a little bit different. Royal Caribbean is beginning to debut its next generation cruise planning software, called My Royal Cruise. My Royal Cruise is a new look to the website guests access to browse options and add-ons for their sailing.

What is a royal caribean certified vacation planner?

Royal Caribean's Certified Vacation Planners give you a one-way ticket to a sea of cruising opportunities. Are you looking to bask in the warmth of the Caribbean, experience the charm of the Mediterranean or even go north to explore the natural beauty of Alaska?

Why should you plan a cruise with Royal Caribbean®?

A great thing about planning a cruise with Royal Caribbean® is that so many details are taken care of before you even set sail.

How do I book a Royal Caribbean cruise?

Select from the many cruise options Royal Caribbean offers and book your vacation now. Access Cruise Planner, enter your reservation number and you're on your way. Reserve online before you cruise and enjoy the first day of your vacation.

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