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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RT-PCR and how does it work?

RT-PCR stands for Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction. It is also known as qPCR (quantitative PCR) and is not to be confused with rtPCR (reverse transcription PCR) which we will not be delving into today. These words may be unfamiliar to… What is an RT-PCR Test? | Discovery Genomics | Here at Discovery Genomics, we offer an RT-PCR test.

What is RT-PCR in medical terminology?

Owing to the current coronavirus pandemic RT-PCR a medical terminology has come into focus. An RT-PCR test is a laboratory test that combines reverse transcription of RNA into DNA for the detection of the virus. RT-PCR test is the most preferred test for COVID-19; however, this test is time-consuming and costly as it has an elaborate kit.

What types of tests are covered by RT-PCR?

This means our test covers all the following categories: PCR, RT-PCR, NAAT, and molecular tests, as RT-PCR is the only test that covers all these categories. It can also be used to replace an antigen test, allowing a saliva sample to be collected rather than having to undergo nasopharyngeal swabs in each nostril as required for antigen tests.

How are RT-PCR RT-19 RT samples made?

samples (10x LoD of the Labcorp COVID-19 RT-PCR Test) were created by diluting a well characterized positive sample in saline. These samples as well as 10 negative

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