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Frequently Asked Questions

How to check RTPS Bihar application status?

How to check RTPS Bihar Application Status for income, caste, residence certificate? You can check the status of income, caste, residence certificate application by entering the application id through the link given in the table above. How to verify RTPS Bihar Tatkal Seva? You can verify the service immediately by clicking on the link given below.

How to apply for RTPS services?

Click on the desired service of respective Service Provider Department under "RTPS Services" on left side of Homepage. 3. An Application Form will appear, fill it carefully, attach a scanned copy of passport-size photo ( 300 KB) or use webcam to capture photo and then [Submit].

What is rtrtps service in India?

RTPS service provides the facility of application of income certificate in online mode to individuals. The residence certificate plays a very important role in certifying the residence of a person. A residence certificate is used to avail residence/residence quota in educational institutions and government service in India.

What is RTPS (right to public service)?

Right to Public Services RTPS (Right to PUBLIC Service) is an online portal with the help of which all residents of the state can apply for many types of certificates sitting at home. Income, caste and residence certificate is a very important document for admission to the school, scholarship application, and other government jobs.

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