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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NIH biosketch format?

NIH Biosketch Format. ​NIH grant applicants are required to include biographical sketch (or biosketch) documents with their applications to demonstrate the magnitude and significance of scientific advances associated with their discoveries, and the specific role they played in those findings. NIH requires a new biosketch format for grant...

Do I need a biosketch?

If you are engaged in research, even as a collaborator, you will need a biosketch. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Biographical Sketch is the most common format.

Can I link an ORCID ID to a biosketch?

An ORCID ID can be linked as well to provide a unique author identifier. SciENcv currently includes templates for the new NIH biosketch format as well as for the NSF biosketch format.

When is the biosketch format page updated for application due dates?

The biosketch format page has been updated for application due dates and RPPR submissions on/after January 25, 2022 (See NOT-OD-21-073 / NOT-OD-21-110 for specific changes and details). Use the tabs to access the correct format page for your due date.

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