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Frequently Asked Questions

What is canvas at Sacramento State?

The hub for teaching and learning at Sacramento State! Canvas is our official Learning Management System (LMS) used to deliver an engaging teaching and learning experience in the classroom, on a desktop or tablet, and on mobile devices.

How do I use canvas?

Canvas can be conveniently accessed and used on desktop/laptop, tablets/iPads, and mobile devices. Visit and login with your Sac State credentials or through My Sac State. Download the Canvas mobile app: iOS or Android. Review the Canvas Quick-Start Guide.

What is my Sac State?

My Sac State is your secure portal to manage your University account and to access the technology services available to you through the university, including your email. Depending on your role on campus, Student, Employee and Faculty Centers have been customized to present the tools most useful for you:

What is connecting Sacramento State?

Connecting Sacramento State, virtually! This cloud-based audio/video web conferencing and recording application facilitates courses and meetings for groups from 2-300. Zoom from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or a smartphone. Conduct or attend live webinars, or pre-record and post on-demand videos or presentations.

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