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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Sage cost?

Pricing drops to $440 per user for Core Package or $5,280 per year for one license. For more information on subscription pricing, implementation and consultation services: Minimum 30 days notice is required for a reduction in users or to cancel the subscription. All orders are non-refundable and you cannot cancel.

What is the price of Sage?

Starting at only $47/month, save more time and make more money with Sage Timeslips. Capture billable hours, increase profitability, and deliver professional invoices for your firm with Timeslips. Sage Timeslips has helped organizations deliver accurate and timely billing for more than 30 years. Tracking your billable time has never been easier.

What is a synonym for Sage?

synonyms for sage Compare Synonyms contemplative cunning enlightened knowing sharp smart sound understanding astute aware careful clever discerning educated experienced foresighted informed insightful intelligent intuitive judicious knowledgeable learned perceptive reflective sagacious sapient scholarly sensible shrewd thoughtful

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