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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the spices in salsa?

Raw Materials. Mass-produced salsas come in different varieties. The basic formula for salsa consists of tomatoes and/or tomato paste, water, chili peppers (green, yellow, serrano, and/or anaheim), optional jalapefio peppers, vinegar, onions, garlic, green bell peppers, and spices, including black pepper, cilantro,...

What is 'salsa' in Mexico?

The term salsa in Mexico refers to any preparation of condiments, designed to add flavor, spice and hotness to any dish. Salsa can be found as a liquid, as a slurry and as roughly chopped. What salsa is made at home or offered in restaurants depends of where in Mexico you find yourself.

What is salsa recipe?

Directions. In a medium-size mixing bowl, combine tomatoes, onion, cilantro, garlic, lime juice, tomatillo, and salt to taste. Mix well. Add 1/2 of the jalapeno pepper, and taste. If you desire your salsa with more of a kick, add the remaining 1/2 jalapeno. If you are satisfied with the salsa's heat, do not add the remaining jalapeno pepper.

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