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Frequently Asked Questions

What is salsa engage?

It's our modern, online engagement platform for digital marketing, online fundraising and online advocacy! Don't know what Salsa Classic is? If you signed up with Salsa before 2016 and haven't upgraded to Salsa Engage, then you're using the Salsa Classic platform!

Can salsa engage be used as a standalone CRM?

Yes. Salsa Engage can be purchased and used as a standalone platform for online engagement. That said, Salsa CRM is a robust, comprehensive nonprofit CRM software with flexible, intuitive tools for donor management. Does Salsa Engage integrate with other software?

What is bidirectional sync between Salesforce engage and salsa engage?

Salesforce will in turn sync updates made to contacts and other mapped data with Engage. A bidirectional sync allows relevant marketing/engagement data to flow into the CRM, while providing for easy segmentation and automation in Engage. Salsa Engage is an online marketing tool that will increasingly use automation and dynamic personalization.

Why salsa for Nonprofit Engagement?

Our complete nonprofit engagement system tightly integrated with Salesforce. Salsa allows us to engage with our people’s people - those who haven’t heard of our organization yet but who connect with us through our supporters. All their information is captured in our CRM and we can follow up with them for years to come.

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