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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Samsung Galaxy z flip 3 5G worth buying?

Small and stylish, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G is a clamshell-style folding phone with a decent sized cover screen where you can read your messages, set timers or even take photos. While the camera system won't blow you away, everything else is pretty spot on. Galaxy Z Flip3 5G 128GB... Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G...

What is the galaxy z flip 3 made of?

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is Samsung's best foldable phone yet. The body and hinge are made of a material Samsung calls Armor Aluminum, which is reinforced with other metals and is similar to using rebar to strengthen concrete for construction.

Does the galaxy z flip3 have a fingerprint sensor?

The physical fingerprint sensor shares the power button on the side. Samsung made the Galaxy Z Flip3 waterproof, unlike previous Flips. It's rated IPX8, which means it's protected against water but not dust or sand, because Samsung says dust can still get into the hinge.

Is the galaxy z flip 3 the first foldable clamshell phone ever?

With the Galaxy Z Flip 3, Samsung has finally made a foldable clamshell phone that can be taken seriously. It has taken a couple of attempts, but Samsung’s latest line of foldable phones finally have a clear reason to exist.

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