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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Setup Wizard app setup wizard?

The description of Setup Wizard App Setup Wizard helps manages applications on your device. You can install or uninstall applications through a wizard which walks you through categories down to the different applications available.

What is the setup wizard on a smartgms?

GMS devices feature a Setup wizard which is presented to the user when the device is first started or after a factory or enterprise reset.

How do I bypass the setup wizard on Android devices?

There are currently two primary techniques for bypassing the setup wizard: Managed Android devices can be provisioned either via an NFC bump or scanning a QR code; this bump or scan happens on the first screen of the setup wizard and conveys to the device sufficient information to allow it to bypass the rest of the wizard screens.

How to create a Samsung account on Samsung Galaxy devices?

For the Samsung user, some Samsung apps require a free Samsung account. Tap Sign In to register now if you already have a Samsung account. You will be required to enter your email address and Samsung password. Select Create Account if you do not have a Samsung account to create one. 11.

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