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Frequently Asked Questions

What time is the Hallmark Channel Christmas movie 'the Santa Stakeout'?

The Hallmark Channel’s new Christmas movie, “The Santa Stakeout,” premieres on Sunday, October 24 at 8 p.m. Eastern. The movie stars Tamera Mowry-Housley, Paul Campbell, and Joe Pantoliano. Read on to learn all about where the movie was filmed and see cast stories.

Is the Santa Stakeout a romantic comedy?

Staking out Mr. Christmas... The Santa Stakeout is a refreshing addition to this year's Hallmark Countdown to Christmas series. This entertaining buddy cop comedy, with a touch of romance, strays a bit from your standard Hallmark Christmas romance/romantic comedy. Indeed, the comedy overshadows the romance for much of the movie.

Where was the Santa Stakeout filmed?

“The Santa Stakeout” was filmed in Canada, including in Vancouver. Pantoliano shared a video where he talked about being in Vancouver for the movie. The movie was filmed in August. Vancouver is often referred to as “North Hollywood” because so many movies are filmed here. There was a little bit of snow when they were filming in August, he shared.

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