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Frequently Asked Questions

What are SAS dates?

In other words, a SAS date is a special representation of a calendar date. Unlike dates in many other languages, SAS has a specific numeric value assigned to each day. The starting point for all SAS dates is January 1 st , 1960 and is represented as day zero (0).

What is time format in SAS?

SAS rounds hours and minutes that are based on the value of seconds in a SAS time value. The HHMM format uses asterisks to format values that are outside the time range 0-24 hours, such as datetime values.

What is SAS data format?

SAS - Numeric Formats. SAS can handle a wide variety of numeric data formats. It uses these formats at the end of the variable names to apply a specific numeric format to the data. SAS use two kinds of numeric formats.

What is the number format in SAS?

Here's a small selection of built-in SAS formats that can change the display of numeric variables: Scientific notation ( Ew. format) Comma formatting for large numbers ( COMMAw.d format) Formatting for dollar amounts ( DOLLARw.d format) Formatting for percentages ( PERCENTw.d format) Writing numbers as roman numerals ( ROMANw. format) Writing numbers as words ( WORDSw. format)

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