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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Proc surveyreg exclude an observation from analysis?

By default, PROC SURVEYREG completely excludes an observation from analysis if that observation has a missing value, unless you specify the MISSING option. Note that the NOMCAR option has no effect on a classification variable when you specify the MISSING option, which treats missing values as a valid nonmissing level.

How to use formatted data in Proc surveyreg?

The PROC SURVEYREG documentation talks about using formatted value and using the ORDER= options on the SURVEYREG statement. - use proc format tricks. e.g., your data is rece = '1','2','3','4', '4' would be used by default as you noted.

What is the default baseline for class in surveyreg?

Let's say that class is a four-level categorical variable with race = 1 being white, race = 2 being black, race = 3 being Asian, race = 4 being Hispanic. It seems like proc surveyreg will use the highest value of race (race = 4, Hispanic) as the default baseline, but I'd like to set the default to be another level (say, race = 2 or black).

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